Coalition Building

Earthpace works with clients to provide market, legal and legislative analysis and to build the coalitions necessary to support policy goals.

The Earthpace team employs its strong facilitation and convening expertise to promote consensus building, stakeholder education and the mobilization of networks of advocates and experts in support of our client’s advocacy goals. Earthpace's team of experienced lawyers and policy experts develop accessible, informative summaries and white papers on US and international laws and regulations.

Earthpace works with clients to develop innovative governance methods for environmental initiative and to explore methods for using performance measurement to ensure environmental actions respond to programmatic goals.

Earthpace has completed a number of projects providing analysis of complex policies and economic markets. A selection of those projects follows below.

Special Report on Climate Compliance

Earthpace contributed two articles to INECE's Special Report on Climate Compliance—an analysis of the role of compliance in assuring environmental and financial integrity of carbon markets and an educational article on practical strategies for improving national implementation of climate requirements.

Earthpace also contributed to the design, development, and editing of the Special Report, which explains the role of compliance and enforcement in ensuring effective implementation of domestic and international policies to mitigate climate change.

The Special Report on Climate Compliance is available at


Carbon Market Compliance Network

Earthpace (acting as a consultant to the INECE Secretariat) is supporting the development and launch of a Carbon Market Compliance Network, which will seek to raise the level of compliance in carbon offset programs and emission trading systems to ensure delivery of environmental benefits and maintenance of the financial integrity of the market. The Compliance Network will promote principles and best practices for environmental compliance within the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation markets and will evolve to include any post-Kyoto project-based mechanisms. The Network will bring together multidisciplinary practitioners from developed and developing country governments, United Nations programs and other international organizations, and representatives from the private sector and civil society.