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Coalition Building

Earthpace works with clients to provide market, legal and legislative analysis and to build the coalitions necessary to support policy goals.

The Earthpace team employs its strong facilitation and convening expertise to promote consensus building, stakeholder education and the mobilization of networks of advocates and experts in support of our client’s advocacy goals. Earthpace's team of experienced lawyers and policy experts develop accessible, informative summaries and white papers on US and international laws and regulations.

Earthpace works with clients to develop innovative governance methods for environmental initiative and to explore methods for using performance measurement to ensure environmental actions respond to programmatic goals.

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Regulatory Positioning

During the process of creating new environmental regulations, stakeholders have a number of opportunities to communicate their messages to regulatory designers. Without effective positioning, however, a company or organization’s unique messages can be lost in the huge amount of data gathered during regulatory creation.

Earthpace develops strategies to position our clients’ messages, within the context of current political, environmental and economic developments before key regulatory decision makers.

Market and Policy Analysis

Markets for carbon credits, clean energy, and energy efficient products are constantly changing. Earthpace’s in-depth analysis can help clients make sense of these complexities. Our consultants provide research on industry health, current and pending market drivers, regulatory pressures, business models and value streams, allowing our clients to conceptualize the market sector-by-sector.

At Earthpace, our analysis interacts with our decision support services to help our clients identify market-based solutions to meet their goals.

Regulatory and policy changes have a profound influence on entities working in climate, energy and sustainability. Earthpace’s innovative analysis helps its clients – whether in government, the private sector, or the non-governmental community – respond to these changes and develop cutting-edge products. Our expertise to predict and analyze policy trends helps our clients discover and capitalize on opportunities presented by regulatory and policy decision-makers.

Earthpace’s analyses encompass more than just energy and climate legislation and regulation; our consultants examine broader environmental compliance issues in order to identify between climate regulation and other environmental issues.


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Management and Strategic Communications

Earthpace assists our clients in goal-setting, long-term planning, and developing and measuring metrics of success.

Earthpace provides marketing and media support, research and content development for websites and publications. Our communications services are grounded in our market and policy analysis, and Earthpace can provide stand-alone services or strategic communications in support of larger advocacy and coalition building campaigns.

Our consultants have experience developing materials for a broad array of uses and platforms, including web-appropriate content, marketing materials, press releases, and case studies.

Earthpace also provides support for conferences, meetings, executive working sessions, topical webinars, and social media/online networking. The Earthpace team offers comprehensive workshop, meeting, and conference management services, including on-site management; pre- and post-conference logistics; agenda preparation; material design and topic identification; conference promotion; recruiting speakers from government, the private sector and non-governmental organizations; workshop facilitation; and event follow-up activities, including proceedings editing and publication.


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Geospatial Data and Decision Tools

Geospatial data, such as satellite remote sensing images and geographic information systems (GIS), provide innovative ways for organizations to monitor environmental projects and enforce regulatory compliance. Earthpace helps its clients to integrate these data sources into decision-making processes in a number of contexts, including emergency preparedness and response, environmental impact assessment and water resources.

Earthpace is also a leader in identifying appropriate remote sensing information for use in environmental legal applications.

Earthpace consultants also develop online-based tools to inform our clients’ decisions. Earthpace develops both online databases of key resources and scenario development tools, helping our clients share information and better understand the future affects of current decisions.


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