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The International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE)


The International Network for Environmental Compliance and Enforcement (INECE) is an international partnership established in 1989 to promote effective compliance and enforcement of domestic environmental laws and international environmental agreements through networking, capacity building, and cooperation. INECE is dedicated to using regulatory and non-regulatory approaches to guide compliance with and enforcement of environmental laws and regulations that promote the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of ecosystem integrity at the global, regional, and national levels.

INECE links the environmental compliance and enforcement efforts of more than 4,000 independent experts - inspectors, prosecutors, regulators, parliamentarians, judges, and non-governmental organizations - from 120 countries, dedicated to pursuing the rule of law, good environmental governance, and sustainable development at all levels of governance. INECE is the only global network exclusively dedicated to this critical mission.

Earthpace provides direct support for the day-to-day operations of the INECE Secretariat, providing strategic guidance, partnership building, regional network development, and capacity building workshops. Earthpace manages key priority projects of INECE, including on climate compliance, emissions trading, and performance measurement. Earthpace also designed and maintains the INECE web site, and develops regular new content for INECE's web site, newsletters, and email updates.

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pricewaterhouse coopers

Earthpace worked with the Netherlands office of PricewaterhouseCoopers on the drafting and development of the Building Trust in Emissions Reporting: Global Trends in Emissions Trading Schemes publication. The report highlights the key characteristics of the world's main emission trading programs, presents a new vision for compliance in emissions trading, and calls for global action to develop this.

Green Light Group

Green Light Group offers high-quality consulting on projects involving climate and energy policy and law, international environmental development, and other environmental topics.

ClearCarbon Consultng

Clear Carbon Consulting Inc. is the first full-service carbon consulting firm dedicated to creating competitive advantage for companies through measuring, mitigating, and managing their greenhouse gas footprints. Clear Carbon Consulting's track record of delivering projects with a strong return on investment serves as evidence of their dedication to implementing practical and valuable solutions.


2Degrees Network

2Degrees is an online collaboration platform for business, government and policy professionals focusing on issues of sustaibility and climate. Through collaboration between private and public organizations, investors, legislative experts and solutions providers, 2Degrees provides sustainability professionals across the world with access to the knowledge and contacts they need to meet the challenges of a changing global business environment.

Earthpace assists 2Degrees in the development and marketing of its Carbon Compliance Strategies network, designed to help businesses prepare and comply with evolving carbon emissions regulation in the US.

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