Environmental Markets

Carbon markets play a key role in strategies to mitigate climate change.


Earthpace provides intelligence and insight on the operations of the drivers shaping the carbon markets, including clean energy and climate policy in the US, the UNFCCC negotiations, the Clean Development Mechanism, and other clean energy and environmental developments around the world.

The growth of these markets presents huge new opportunities for investors, whether from the financial, business, government or NGO community. The regulatory and environmental drivers of these markets are complex, however, and continue to evolve. That’s where Earthpace comes in.

Our consultants provide high quality analysis of critical regulatory and policy developments that impact risk, uncover opportunities and influence supply and demand of emissions credits in the carbon markets.

Earthpace also works extensively to support those whose work helps maintain these markets; we have forged strong partnerships and facilitated the sharing of best practices between environmental compliance officers worldwide. These improvements in monitoring, reporting and verification help to ensure environmental integrity and boost investor confidence in both regulatory and voluntary carbon markets.

Earthpace closely monitors developments and counsels clients on existing and developing carbon markets in Europe, Asia and Oceania, as well as markets at the state, regional and national level in the United States.

Earthpace designed and organized a March 2007 workshop on Improving Efficiency, Effectiveness, & International Harmonization of Compliance Activities in Emissions Trading and contributed to a PricewaterhouseCoopers publication, Building Trust in Emissions Trading: Global Trends in Emissions Trading Schemes.